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Bereaved by Suicide?

We facilitate Peer Support Groups
Once a Month at 6pm
on second Wednesday of the month
Script Haven 104, High StreetWorcester WR1 2HW

New From September 11th
Once a Month at 6pm
on second Monday of the month
The New Plough 85 Barton St, Tewkesbury GL20 5PY

Mental Health Peer Support Group

Come and Join our Peer Support Group: Chatting, Support, Art & Craft activities available, Tea & Coffee

Worcester group; Every Wednesday from 2 to 4:30 pm, at
Friends Meeting House
1 Samsone Place Worcester WR1 1UG


World Suicide Prevention Awareness Candle Lite Walk

On Saturday 9th September 2023, we held an event of a candle lite walk from Sabrina Bridge in Worcester to the main Worcester Bridge.

We had at least 27 people join us for a candle lite walk, with poetry along the way. We were very moved by the turn out and the poetry was all very emotional and encouraging in their own way.

Thank you so much to everyone, it was a special and emotional evening, even though it was a sensitive subject.
We read out a list of names, gathered beforehand, to remember those lost and to show the numbers are also names and keep these people in our thoughts. 

We also had people write names of loved ones or those struggling, on our board that we hope to have displayed somewhere soon, for World Mental Health Day. 

Also as Gaynor (the charities co-founder)  said, our charity will be there to listen and support.  However as much as this is what is needed, I am also very aware if listening was enough and love was enough Zac and others would be still here.   I suppose there are times when there is no answer and its out of our control but we can try our best.

Baton of Hope

Monday 3rd July was NATIONAL BEREAVED PARENTS DAY, the theme was “You’re not alone”.
One of our founders Gaynor Pritchard said “I certainly wasn’t alone, as I carried the Baton Of Hope UK in memory of our son Zac, I met up with other people who had been bereaved by suicide, I had my husband and supportive friends with me along the way.

The Baton Of Hope UK is designed to be the biggest suicide awareness and prevention initiative the UK has ever seen, opening up necessary conversations and prompting appropriate actions.
It was an honour to be carrying the Baton in memory of Zac, to raise awareness of the number of suicides there are in the UK, as the numbers are not going down. I was so proud to be part of this initiative, it was such an emotional experience, carrying a picture of Zac on my top, as it flapped in the wind it was a reminder of why I was there, with him walking beside me.

There is so much despair, sadness, depression, loneliness, debt, along with specific mental illness, that can cause such distress we can lose HOPE; we need more support for people.

Let’s send HOPE that changes can be made with access to services more accessible and not a postcode lottery. In most cases such as mental health there still isn’t much support for anyone, almost 5 years after Zac died and before.

Can you help us in suicide prevention and postvention? We cant do this alone…..

Maybe you could volunteer for us?

Find out more about Baton of Hope click  here