Providing Peer Support for those with poor Mental Health and those Bereaved by Suicide

Activities & Future Plans

We have members from the first support group who laugh, share their daily activities, and help each other with their various ups and downs. Someone may say they are not well or having a bad day and others will be there for them or even call them.

Our Future Plans

Along with the above, which we’ll expand on over time, our other plans include:

  • Training for all volunteers / staff
  • Referral support / befriending service for those about to be discharged from the mental health services and after they are discharged – aiming for the NHS statutory services to refer to us so they can be supported instead of being discharged and feeling there is nothing. If have pre and post discharge support they will have continuation of care.
  • Family liaison service for those bereaved by suicide. Aiming to liaise with police and other services so that when a suspected suicide happens a referral is made to us, in the same way as someone is referred to victim support services.
  • Develop support boxes, similar to the therapy boxes, for those bereaved by suicide with information on self-care, relevant booklets such as information on inquests.
  • Develop booklets with information on where to get help.
  • Get training delivered for community.
  • Activities to include, Tai–Chi, Yoga, Pilates, etc.
  • Therapy to include hypnotherapy approaches with a fully qualified hypnotherapist, mindfulness, counselling, etc.
  • Drop-in centre with office for informal drop-in and befriending for tea / coffee / chat, which will include things like books and board games for people to use.
  • Café, providing an atmosphere to support anyone in all circumstances.
  • A local helpline, which may possibly develop further to wider areas.

    We are starting in the Worcester area but, once established, we will expand further afield.