Bringing people together … those who need a listening ear … to have their unheard words heard.

Sometimes we don’t need advice; we just need someone to listen.

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Our Story

Behind the Smile is a charity founded by the parents of Zac who ended his life after many years of mental health problems.

Our two main aims are:

to support and help others overcome the stigma associated with mental health issues by offering practical face to face support. 

> to support and help those bereaved by suicide.


We believe that everyone has the right to a good standard of mental health and, where they do not, they should have access to timely and appropriate support services.

Are you suffering from mental ill health?

If you are experiencing anxiety, stress or low mood, family or relationship issues, feeling alone or in need, we offer mental health support. 

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Have you been bereaved by suicide?

If suicide happens to your family or friends we want to be there to offer you support as you go through this dreadful process.

Feeling the loss from a suicide does not have to be from a recent loss, you may feel the loss years later.

Do you want to attend a support group or a walk n talk group? 
Please email [email protected]  if this could be for you.

In England & Wales in 2019, there were 

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deaths by suicide (a rate of 11.0 deaths per 100,000 people), consistent with 2018 figures, with:
deaths per 100,000 males is highest since 2000
deaths per 100,000 females is highest since 2004
deaths per 100,000 males aged 45 to 49 years - the highest age-specific suicide rate for males
deaths per 100,000 females aged 50 to 54 - the highest age-specific suicide rate for females

Overall, men accounted for

1 /4
of UK deaths by suicide in 2019, consistent with a trend going back to the mid 90s
1 %
of people bereaved by suicide said they received no support after their loss. Only 1% said they preferred to cope without support.

Of those who received support after being bereaved by suicide,

1 %
said this had come from family and friends

Suicides by Region in England & Wales